7 FEBRUARY - 12 APRIL 2015

Vincent Inconiglios

In the Spring of 2015, Morrison Gallery was pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Vincent Inconiglios

On view at Morrison Gallery from February 7th to April 12th, 2015 were works from the “Donut Series” which began in 2004 as an exploration of color, shape and space – a theme that has been present throughout his career. The “Donuts” are brightly colored circular forms painted with acrylic on paper and float on white backgrounds or work within a complex abstract grid.  The title “Donut Series” came from Inconiglios as a reference to the shapes within his work and to add lightness and humor to his study of the circular form. Inconiglios completed four new large paintings for this series in January 2015, which will be on display in the main space. The paintings elaborate on the exploration of the circular form with broad gestural strokes of color, metallic hues, and bold compositions.

Vincent Inconiglios' "Donut Series" at Morrison Gallery

Vincent Inconiglios' "Donut Series" at Morrison Gallery

Working mainly as a prominent graphic design, identity and communications consultant in New York, Inconiglios simultaneously has built an incredible body of fine artwork –collage, drawing, sculpture and printmaking as well as painting. Inconiglios has been represented in regional and national exhibitions throughout the US and abroad. He had his first one-man exhibition in NYC in SoHo in 1972 and was one of the featured artists of “10 Downtown” in the 1970s. His work has been noted by Barbara Rose in New York Magazine, reviewed in ARTFORUM, and is in private and public collections including JPMorganChase, The Norton Simon Collection and AT&T. 

Vincent Inconiglios was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1946. As an artist he has lived and worked in his studio on Gansevoort Street in the historic Meatpacking District of New York City since 1969. Inconiglios also spends extensive time in his studio in Falls Village, Connecticut.