Jonathan Prince


With an emphasis on elegance, precision, and material qualities, Jonathan Prince’s sculptures explore the expansive potential for formal and expressive variety latent in stone. Sinuous, organic volumes suggest the presence of a fluid element within solid granite, while pristinely polished surfaces and perfect geometries create a contrasting machine aesthetic. Prince’s geometric abstractions and clear awareness of both mass relationships and surface qualities demonstrate his artistic inheritance from Constantin Brancusi, Jean Arp, and other masters of twentieth century modernist sculpture.

The artist resurrected his latent passion for sculpture in 2004 after a distinguished and diverse professional career in the arts and sciences. Prince completed a doctorate at Columbia University and post-doctoral studies at the University of Southern California. He has produced feature films and directed numerous computer animated special effects projects including significant contributions to an Emmy Award winning CBS television miniseries. He has been involved in several large-scale technology and art installations at such renowned venues as the Smithsonian Institution and holds several design patents for his developments in optical engineering. The artist described his full-time return to sculpture as a turning point in his life. According to critic Alexandra Anderson-Spivvy Prince’s return to the studio has produced “a mature body of work, refined in concept and fearless in execution.”